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About Us

About Us

Mpire Mall Wrestling began it's life as a fantasy role-play e-fed on Mpire Mall during the Mpire Mall's proboard days. Taking the bones of Mat Dickie's Wrestling Mpire and modding the character parts to suit the members personal preference, the idea was to create a show based around the matches booked by Wonderland and recorded by myself in order for the roster members and members of the Mpire Mall to view a fun and exciting game-based experience. 

What was originally a joint venture between Wonderland and Myself, with Wonderland booking the shows and little old me recording and posting the video for the members pleasure, soon became a solo project. Due to life getting in the way of things, Wonderland could not continue. Therefore I took the baton up and decided I would run with it. 7 years and four forums later (having moved away from the old proboard's site to the new FLASH enhanced MpireMall and currently residing at to GoDaddy's special malware day and Hammer's betrayal!) I am still enjoying doing what I do! (even though MMW and my life have both changed!).

I am currently running the shows using the Mall's own modified version of Mat Dickie's Wrestling Mpire '08. I will be shortly moving to using a tweaked version of Wrestling MPire: Remix Management Edition (I like the additions Mat has made to the moveset...and I want to be able to utilize the character tracking that the Management Edition offers).

I strongly suggest that anyone not familiar with these works of violence and fun, check out and of course! There have been plans over the years to perhaps change the game medium (I have dabbled with RAW PC mods in the past), but that has not been set in stone...however as the community has moved into developing a PC based game to fill the void left by Mat, as he concentrates on the mobile market, the future looks pretty bright.

Please remember...fundamentally, this IS NOT a replacement for MpireMall, it is simply a backup for when those home site hiccups occur!

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